Message from the President

The Portuguese Association of Addiction Medicine [Associação Portuguesa de Medicina da Adição (APMA)] re-emerges in 2019 in the context of the demand and request for quality medical training in Addition Medicine in Portugal.

APMA objectives are to support and to achieve high-level standards in research and learning in the field of Addiction Medicine, and to promote scientific, technical, cultural, organizational, ethical and human improvement in this clinical area, contributing to the growing acknowledgment of the Association and its members.

APMA intends to continue to develop, as it has done in the past, an essential work dedicated to the development of medical practice in the field of additive behaviours that has a common ground in several areas of medical speciality and also ensuring interaction between the academy and the medical practice, valuing quality in the area of additions, in the sense of a practice centred on the people and their contexts.

Count on us!